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*Having been asked a few times, we do not allow powder/dust style shoots in the studio*


Please ask about arrangements before planning messy shoots !

Video and Commercial Shoots We have on occasions be pleased to host a variety of commercial and video shoots which have included, commercial fashion through to video show reels and music videos. To discuss your requirements please contact Shawn on: 07815 -718431

Scarlet Door -
Studio Facilities

The following indicative list is just some of the equipment we have available to support your shoot. We are continually developing the selection so if you have specific requirements or questions it is best to give us a call or drop us a line and we do our best to assist.


Main white shooting screen - width 3.3 meters / height 3.5 meters / depth 6 meters. Available shooting distance/depth of up to 8 meters


2.72m paper roller system, a with a selection of coloured backdrops in stock. Specific colours can be obtained if required for an additional charge.


  • Interfit 600 lights
  • Bowens 500 lights
  • Various light stands
  • Boom arm
  • Kicker stand


40, 49 and 70cm beauty dish (white and silver) (with shower cap diffuser and honeycomb)


90cm octabox


100cm x 140cm soft-box


2x 40cm x 120cm soft-boxes


2x 60cm x 60cm soft-boxes


Barn doors with colour gels


20 degree honeycomb grid snoot


Digital Editing

Editing suite with 42" client display screen also available. Tethered shooting for most Canon cameras (Nikon available soon)



Full music capabilities if you wish to bring your own music - CD player and iPod docking station.


Kitchen Facilities

Full tea/coffee making facilities, including a fridge and microwave.



The studio has ample free on-site parking.